Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekly Menu Planning 1/9/2011 - 1/15/2011

We finished off last week on a failed note with two very bad meals, and booze! It does make it hard when we are out with friends, and ordering a boring over-priced salad just seems wrong. We also started off this week on a failed note as well!

B- Egg and spelt toast; L-FAIL! Too tired to cook, craving junk so went to a pub for a sandwich and beer; D-too stuffed from our late lunch but the husband had some tortilla chips as a snack.

Monday: B- Oatmeal; L- Leftover pub sandwich; D - Ground chicken and sausage meatloaf, roasted sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts.

Tuesday: B- Kiwi, and spelt toast with PB; L - Leftover meatloaf and veggies; D - Chicken and vegetable barley soup

Wednesday: B - Oatmeal; L - Leftover chicken soup; D - Miso soup as a meal (with veggies, tofu and yam noodles)

Thursday: B - Oatmeal; L - Leftover miso soup; D - Went out for Mexican food (hangs head in shame)

Friday: B - Oatmeal; L - Leftover Mexican food; D - Ground pork and lentil chili.

Saturday: B - Oatmeal; L - Leftover chili; D - Spinach and artichoke dip, roasted red pepper dip with gluten-free bread, cut up bell peppers and celery for dipping.

Oooh, I just remembered that I have a batch of pureed cabbage and celery soup in the freezer! I might save it for some other week, when supplies in the pantry are waning (more than they already are, that is...)

I need to start blogging the meals I make as well...

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