Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekly Menu Planning 1/16/2011 - 1/22/2011

It's been hard to keep up with this menu planning thing! You can't plan a craving, or predict that you'll be feeling too lazy one night, or in the mood for anything but lentil when all you've got for protein in the pantry are lentils. We cheated quite a bit last week. By cheat, we did the things were were trying NOT to do: eat out; eat processed food; eat wheat, dairy, too much sodium, processed sugar, alcohol, etc. I'll *try* and be better this week... Can't make any promises, though!

Well, we have a LOT of leftover lentil chili... I already put one large container in the freezer, but can't decide if we should just suck it up and eat the other half this week, or freeze that as well.

This week was off to a not-so-great start... Not a bad one, but not so great, either.

Menu for the week of 1/16/11 - 1/22/11

Sunday: B- Gluten-free french toast; L- ; D- Leftover dips with bread and veggies

Monday: B/L- Dimsum! D- Leftover lentil chili

Tuesday: B- Oatmeal; L- Leftover dimsum and fresh veggies; D- Out for Vietnamese food (Chicken Bun)

Wednesday: B- Oatmeal; L- Husband's leftover turkey burger and fries; D-Leftover lentil chili

Thursday: B- Oatmeal; L- Lentil chili; D- Pork sausages, steamed veggies, and brown rice

Friday: B- Oatmeal; L- Leftover pork sausages, veggies, and rice; D- Dinner out with friends. Beer and fried appies... (hangs head in shame)

Saturday: B- Eggs on rice, fruit L- small lunch of tortilla chips and spinach dip (ate breakfast late); D- The last of the leftover lentil chili!

I found at least 2 new recipes I'd like to try from Real Simple magazine, the February issue. I just hope I can remember to take pictures of Chicken Adobo and Egg and Veggies on Rice.

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