Saturday, January 31, 2009

Teas I Like...

This is the first weekend where I haven't had anything planned (not going across the border) so I checked the weather forecast religiously over the last week to see whether it'd be sunny or not. It's sunny!!! (Happy sunny dance)

There's a health food store called "Nutraways" in Kerrisdale I've been meaning to get to and with the weather being so nice, I decided to walk the 45 some-odd minutes there. I found some great loose teas there. I got a bag of dried chamomile and a big bag of nettle leaf.

Chamomile, as I'm sure everyone knows, is really helpful for proper digestion. Proper digestion, as my naturopath taught me, is the key to being healthy. My current health issue is eczema. I had it as a child, it went away for my teens and early 20's, then decided to come back and kick my butt a few years back. Through VEGA (sp?) testing, blood pictures, and a LOT of visits to Dr. M, I learned how to help my body digest better. One of the things I can do is drink chamomile tea.

Nettle leaf is good for the bladder. Since the whole health kick, I've been taking supplements (some of them I have to take at night) and drinking my weight in water. This makes me wake up in the middle of the night to pee all the time! Drinking nettle leaf will help "irrigate" the bladder and hopefully let me get some sleep!

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