Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Best insulated hot beverage mug... evahhhhh!!!!

I am a BYO-kind of gal. So when sports bottles, Nalgenes, plastic mugs and stuff became really popular, it was a fun time for me. I love getting the whole 5 or 10 cents off your drink at Starbucks or wherever. One less cup in the trash... Although maybe the amount of water and soap I use to clean out my reusable mug isn't so earth-friendly...

Anyway, I'm here to write about Thermos-brand Urban Elements Insulated Beverage Container. I believe I got if for Christmas one year from my sis and her bf and believe me when I tell you just how excited I was. It's a sleek, cool, chocolate brown container that you can sip straight from, rather than using the lid as a cup.


It has a snap button and wire-thingy so the lid won't pop open in your bag.

This light blue rubber squishy part seals off all the holes so no leaks!

It claims to be able to keep beverages hot for 12 hours and I believe it! There have been days where I've filled it up with hot coffee at about 8 am, left it on my desk and by noon, the coffee is still burn-your-tongue scalding hot. I've also put boiling water in it at night and drank it first thing the next morning (maybe 7 hours later?) and it wasn't scalding hot but it was impressively hot.

I thought I had left it on a bus once and almost cried. Phew! It was just in the bottom of my bag. This truly is something I use everyday and wonder how I ever survivied without one.

Oh, my mom wanted one too, so I got her one for her birthday :) They're not cheap, but if you like to drink hot beverages throughout the day and would like a handy container you can just fill up and toss in your bag (and I do mean "toss". I've had this thing upside down in my bag under books while on the bus!) I will say I think you'll find the $30 + price to be a worthy investment.

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