Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm having a wine party

Yes I am. It's going to be blind tasting so I better make sure I have enough paper bags to cover up those bottles!

Thank goodness for Safeway and their "buy 6 bottles, save 10%" deal. I feel like that would NEVER fly in Canada. Well, not in Vancouver, I don't think. Needless to say, we bought 6 bottles, 1 of which was consumed over dinner (oops) so I'll be buying one more soon. It'll be a local (BC wine) around $10.

From L- R: Rioja Campo Viejo Crianza 2005 (Spain), Wolf Blass Shiraz 2006 (S. Australian), Chateaux Ste Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 (Columbia Valley), Penfolds Rawson Retreat Merlot 2007 (Australia), Smoking Loon Zinfandel 2006 (California)

Now, for the cheese! After some brief research here's what apparently goes with these wines. (Source: gourmetsleuth.com)

Rioja - Grafton Village Cheddar, Havarti, Manchego
Shiraz - Roncal (if i can find it)
Cab Sauv - ??? No specific listing for this wine (maybe cheddar?) so I'll have to sleuth some more...
Merlot - Maybe Jarlsberg? Blue? Again, nothing really specific for this one either...
Zinfandel - Muenster

But if these are too hard to find or just too pricey, I might just get the basic brie, blue, goat, and maybe 2 others.

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